On 8 December, the CFAO group donated 38 canoes to the Senegalese Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Economy. The vessels have been produced in its Ouakam factory for the local artisan fishing councils (CLPA – Conseils Locaux de Pêche Artisanale).

The innovative canoe has been expertly designed and respects traditional features
The 38 unsinkable fibreglass canoes donated by CFAO were produced in the Ouakam factory, which was opened in 2019 by CFAO Motors Senegal. They are the result of two years of testing and studies by Senegalese fisheries, CFAO Motors teams, Yamaha Motors and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Safer, more sustainable and more profitable vessels…
The two canoe models meet local and international standards. With a double-skin design, these new generation unsinkable canoes provide increased stability, which optimises safety conditions for both the crew and their equipment. The vessels are more sustainable (1 wooden canoe = 1 tree cut down every 3 years, rather than one every 25 years) and have a smaller carbon footprint (they consume 25% less). They protect biodiversity and create savings for the fishing population. The quality of the end product is also optimised because ice boxes can be kept on board.

Developing the fishing industry: one of the key growth drivers in Senegal
CFAO has been an economic player in Senegal since 1852, and with this donation underscores its position as a privileged partner for the country’s artisan fishing industry, which employs more than 600,000 people directly and indirectly.