Aeolus CFAO

Consolidation of renewable energy activities in Africa to accelerate business development 

Toyota Tsusho Corporation (hereinafter: Toyota Tsusho) established in March 2024 in France AEOLUS SAS (hereinafter: AEOLUS), a joint venture to promote renewable energy business in Africa. The new joint venture is owned 50% respectively by Toyota Tsusho’s wholly owned subsidiaries, CFAO SAS (hereinafter: CFAO) and Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (hereinafter: Eurus Energy).


1. Background and Objectives
To accelerate its advancement in “Renewable Energy and Energy Management” and “Africa” of the seven priority domains of its Growth Strategy, Toyota Tsusho is actively promoting infrastructure projects to expand renewable energy in Africa, including solar, wind and geothermal power generation.
CFAO has a long business history, knowledge and network in Africa in four domains: mobility, healthcare, consumer and infrastructure. Eurus Energy operates wind and solar power projects in 15 countries and regions, and is the largest wind power producer in Japan. It has expertise in all aspects of renewable energy business.
Toyota Tsusho, CFAO and Eurus Energy have been collaborating in developing renewable energy in Africa. In order to promote the business more flexibly and efficiently, Toyota Tsusho has established AEOLUS to integrate the expertise of CFAO and Eurus Energy and to consolidate renewable energy business in Africa.

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Photo: Aeolus Establishment Ceremony
(from left to right) Tetsunori Murakami (CFO of AEOLUS), Tetsuya Suwabe (CEO of Eurus Energy), Hideharu Toba (CEO of AEOLUS), Tatsuya Hirata (Deputy CEO of CFAO), Richard Bielle (CEO of CFAO)