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  • The Joint Venture, committed to Kenyan farmers, will capitalise on the synergies between TIMAC AGRO, a plant nutrition expert, and CFAO, which has been present on the African continent for more than 170 years.
  • This ambitious partnership aims to build an innovative, comprehensive service offering to address agriculture’s fundamental challenges: soil and plant nutrition, water, and energy.
  • TIMAC AGRO Kenya strives to support the modernisation of agriculture, a strategic sector in the country to ensure both local food security and develop crops for export.


Saint-Malo, February 17th 2022 – TIMAC AGRO and CFAO will join forces in the TIMAC AGRO Kenya joint venture. TIMAC AGRO will acquire 51% of CFAO Agri Kenya, which benefits from a unique positioning in Kenya as it develops, produces and distributes branded crop plant nutrition solutions. By combining TIMAC AGRO’s expertise in plant nutrition with CFAO’s knowledge of Africa, TIMAC AGRO Kenya forms the starting point of an ambitious and sustainable partnership designed to support East African farmers enhance crop quality and yields.

TIMAC AGRO Kenya: Combining CFAO’s local knowledge with TIMAC AGRO’s expertise in plant nutrition
CFAO Agri Kenya is a subsidiary of CFAO, a leading African distributor. Present in Africa for more than 170 years, CFAO employs nearly 21 000 people, enjoys access to 46 of the continent’s 54 markets and has extensive experience developing partnerships with industrial players. A global innovation specialist in soil and plant nutrition and animal production, TIMAC AGRO creates high-tech solutions. The company has 40 subsidiaries worldwide.

Many farmers across Kenya are familiar with the Baraka Fertilizer brand and its products adapted specifically to the Kenyan soil and local crops (maize, potato, tea, coffee, sugar cane, rice…). The brand’s image is deeply rooted in the local context and takes advantage of an innovative distribution strategy. The joint venture aims to pursue the development of Baraka Fertilizer by adding the more specific and bespoke TIMAC AGRO solutions to address the nutrition requirements of other segments such as vegetable crops. Its ambition is to expand the product range to include granules, liquids, water-soluble products, etc.

Supporting the effective adoption of these new technologies requires the development of a network of field representatives. Their role will be assessing the specific needs of farmers and offering bespoke advice adapted to crop challenges. This development will enable TIMAC AGRO Kenya to innovate in a rapidly evolving market where 90% of fertilisation is still dependent on imported and unprocessed raw materials.

Finally, TIMAC AGRO Kenya will capitalise on a highly functional industrial unit, developed by CFAO Agri, with a production capacity of 150,000 tonnes per annum. The unit is located in Eldoret, in the heart of Kenya’s breadbasket, a market with great potential. Beyond Kenya, the joint venture ambitions to serve as a platform for development in neighbouring East African markets including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania.


TIMAC AGRO Kenya: improving the yield and quality of Kenyan farmers’ crops while building local capabilities
The agricultural sector, which employs 80% of the rural population, is one of the pillars of the Kenyan economy. Thanks to its expertise in soil and plant nutrition, TIMAC AGRO Kenya will bring concrete solutions to local farmers. Indeed, Kenyan soils are relatively rich but acidic (pH varying between 3 and 5), except in the more volcanic regions. The potential for improvement through better farming practices and the use of high-tech solutions is significant. It will enable local farmers to enhance the yields and quality of crops to feed the population and improve export competitiveness.

Furthermore, changing climatic conditions are an issue in Kenya, as almost all the country’s agricultural production is rainfed. The increasing incidence of drought and irregular rainfall could considerably impact agri production, which accounts for 25% of GDP and feeds a growing population.

This comprehensive offering from TIMAC AGRO Kenya is entirely in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It will enable cash crop farmers, who play an essential role in Kenya’s export balance, to enhance their competitiveness. It will also help smallholder farmers improve their farming practices including the yields and therefore their income.

We are extremely proud of the partnership established today between TIMAC AGRO and CFAO. Our goal is to transform Kenya’s dynamic and diversified agriculture that benefits from significant local skills. In the long run, we aim to provide East African farmers with an all-round, locally produced offer covering nutrition, water, and energy. Our shared ambition is strong: we want to contribute to the consolidation of agriculture in the region and provide farmers with concrete solutions. A great adventure is about to begin,” commented Karina Kuzmak, CEO of Global TIMAC AGRO.

The CFAO Group is pleased to launch this Joint Venture. Building on TIMAC AGRO’s global experience and expertise in soil and plant nutrition, TIMAC AGRO Kenya will consolidate CFAO Agri’s initial development in Kenya. It will continue to provide highly innovative solutions for the development of agriculture in Kenya and several East African countries,” added Richard Bielle, Chairman and CEO of CFAO.


For more than 60 years, TIMAC AGRO, a historic subsidiary of the Groupe Roullier, has specialised in soil, plant, and animal nutrition. All its actions revolve around a unique model that combines close ties to the agricultural world, continuous innovation, the creation of technological solutions, and industrial performance. TIMAC AGRO aims to establish a privileged partnership with farmers to support their growth and efficiency in the context of rapidly evolving farming practices. Present in 40 countries, the company has 81 production units and employs 6,700 people, including 3,600 technical field experts who visit an average of 20,000 farms around the world every day to provide them with customised support. TIMAC AGRO’s turnover amounted to 1.4 billion euros in 2020.

About CFAO:
The CFAO Group, Corporation For Africa & Overseas, contributes to growth and industrialization in Africa while catering to the continent’s emerging middle class.
With a revenue of over €5.8 billion, access to 46 of the 54 countries on the continent, and nearly 21,000 employees, CFAO is a key player in mobility, healthcare, consumer goods, infrastructure and energy.
The Group partners with leading international brands and covers the entire value chain – imports, production, distribution – in line with the highest quality standards, drawing on 170 years of hands-on knowledge and local expertise.
CFAO pursues a twofold strategy, focusing on manufacturing to promote local production, and distribution through its distribution network, Africa’s largest, to offer tailored, affordable products and services to people across the continent.

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