Desperados chose Brassivoire to be the brewer of its famous colorful bottle’s beer. A first in an African country.
This news highlights the trust that puts Heineken group in its partnership with CFAO FMCG & AGRI.
With this new addition, 8 brands are now brewed by Brassivoire : Ivoire, Ivoire Spéciale, Ivoire Black, Heineken, Mützig, Class, Rhino Energy Malt and Desperados.
This success is the result of hard work and many investments. A success that will profit to Ivorian people, that can now buy their Desperados beer at an affordable price. A price reduction made possible by the loss of the importation’s fees.
We should also note that to honor its commitment to sustainable development, Brassivoire put in place a deposit-return system for Desperados beer bottles.

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