Omoda Jaecoo CFAO Mobility

CFAO Mobility in Morocco announces partnership with CHERY group for distribution of OMODA and JAECOO brands


Casablanca, March 20, 2024. CFAO Mobility in Morocco today announced the signing of a distribution partnership with OMODA AND JAECOO (two brands of the CHERYcar manufa cturer). Before the end of the first half of 2024, OMODA and JAECOO will be marketed in the Kingdom, and a dedicated showroom will be inaugurated in Casablanca’s La Corniche neighborhood.

CFAO Mobility in Morocco is joining forces with one of the world’s leading manufacturers, whose two brands, OMODA and JAECOO, offer innovative vehicles that are particularly well suited to the Moroccan market.

Both brands place innovation and technology at the heart of their development strategy, and target an urban, connected public receptive to new designs. In Morocco, the OMODA 3, OMODA 5 and JAECOO 7 vehicles will be launched in the coming months, along with the electric OMODA 5 EV model.


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