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Kampala, Uganda – Wednesday, 2nd February 2022. Toyota Uganda Limited, the market leader in Uganda’s new car industry, announced today that it has changed its name to CFAO Motors Uganda. This transformation goes hand in hand with the progressive expansion of the range of solutions offered by the company.

Present in Uganda since 2005 under the name of Toyota Uganda Limited, the company has over 200 employees who offer complete mobility solutions. The new name CFAO Motors Uganda therefore reflects the full range of services the company offers in addition to the exclusive distribution of new Toyota vehicles in Uganda.

Indeed, CFAO Motors Uganda are the official distributors of brand-new Suzuki vehicles, Yamaha motorcycles, Hino Trucks, and Toyota forklifts. The company also proposes a range of short and long-term lease and car rental solutions for businesses through the LOXEA brand and its partner Avis Fleet. It also provides a raft of other services to expand the offering, including fleet management, geolocation, telematics and more.

CFAO Motors Uganda will continue to remain the exclusive manufacturer-authorised distributor of brand-new Toyota Vehicles and genuine parts in Uganda, as well as exclusively offering Toyota Manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, the shareholding and team remains the same. CFAO Motors Uganda is a subsidiary of CFAO Automotive, a division of the CFAO Group, which is part of Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

We have been known as Toyota Uganda since 2005. However, increasingly, we have felt the name does not encompass the full breadth of mobility solutions that we offer, over and above the Toyota brand. The rebrand to CFAO Motors Uganda allows us to align with our CFAO Group philosophy that seeks to strengthen our investment in Toyota whilst at the same time offering additional mobility solutions. More than a name change, this is also a milestone that brings us closer to our ambition: sustainable growth, value chain integration, partnership with strong brands and innovation, consolidating our position as a leading automotive brand.” stated Mr. Thomas Pelletier, Managing Director of CFAO Motors Uganda.

As part of its rebrand to CFAO Motors Uganda, the company will soon launch new products and services and more innovative mobility solutions. These new models and products will include connected services, affordable new vehicle financing solutions, and a whole new range of competitively priced automotive parts from international manufacturers, tailored for a broader range of consumers.

In tandem with the name change, the company has also adopted a new corporate visual identity.


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About CFAO
The CFAO Group, Corporation For Africa & Overseas, contributes to growth and industrialisation in Africa while catering to the continent’s emerging middle class.
With a revenue of over €5.8 billion, access to 46 of the 54 countries on the continent, and nearly 21,000 employees, CFAO is a key player in mobility, healthcare, consumer goods, infrastructure and energy.
The Group partners with leading international brands and covers the entire value chain – imports, production, distribution – in line with the highest quality standards, drawing on 170 years of hands-on knowledge and local expertise.
CFAO pursues a twofold strategy, focusing on manufacturing to promote local production, and distribution through its distribution network, Africa’s largest, to offer tailored, affordable products and services to people across the continent.

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About CFAO Motors Uganda
CFAO Motors Uganda, formerly Toyota Uganda, is a leading automotive company in Uganda. The company is a subsidiary of CFAO Automotive, a division of the CFAO Group.

Headquartered in Kampala Industrial and Business Park Namanve, CFAO Motors Uganda is the exclusive manufacturer authorised distributor of brand-new Toyota vehicles and genuine parts in Uganda as well as authorised to offer Toyota manufacturer’s warranty. The company has a network of four (4) branches and three (3) authorized service centres across the country. CFAO Motors Uganda are also the official distributors of brand-new Suzuki vehicles, Yamaha motorcycles, Hino Trucks, and Toyota forklifts.

As a socially responsible and tax compliant citizen, CFAO Motors Uganda was among the first 10 companies in Uganda to be recognised and accredited by URA as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). The company has on the other hand decided to adapt its corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach to focus on relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations. Accordingly, CFAO Motors Uganda is involved in the reforestation of Mabira Central Forest Reserve, vocational training and is also a member company of Safe Way Right way, an initiative to promote road safety through public and private sector partnerships on Uganda’s road networks.