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PlaYce: CFAO presents a new generation of shopping centers in Africa

PlaYce, the official brand of shopping centers operated by international distribution group CFAO in Africa was launched today in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire)...

The first PlaYce shopping center, which boasts a total surface area of 20,000 square meters, will open in Abidjan’s Marcory district in December 2015.

The PlaYce Marcory shopping center will be the first of several dozen centers operated by CFAO set to open in eight African countries. Like PlaYce Marcory, the other centers will also be known by the brand name, PlaYce, combined with their geographic location.

As CFAO Retail CEO Xavier Desjobert explains, PlaYce shopping centers are a promise to consumers, a promise of access to a modern, attractive and affordable retail space; a promise of being able to shop for new international brands thanks to the guaranteed presence of fifteen brands from the CFAO Retail Club of Brands; the promise of always finding a Carrefour hypermarket... PlaYce offers a new customer experience, and is our Brand of shopping centers dedicated to serving African consumers!”

Located on Boulevard VGE, one of Abidjan’s major thoroughfares, PlaYce Marcory contributes to the overall allure of the city with its original design and aesthetic architecture. All PlaYce centers will share the same signature look, making them instantly recognizable.

PlaYce is a socially responsible brand and it aims to become an industry benchmark in West and Central Africa. PlaYce was designed and conceived in compliance with the highest international health and safety standards.

The heart of the shopping center will serve as a public gathering place – symbolized by the Y in the middle of PlaYce – for leisure activities and sharing ideas. CFAO designed the innovative building to be an open, friendly, social space for the population to get together as well as a modern shopping area.

Much like the three branches of the symbolic Y, PlaYce Marcory will be made up of three main hubs: a Carrefour hypermarket, a mall with around 50 shops and a food court. The mall and food court will be home, in particular, to the brands that are now part of the CFAO Retail Club of Brands.

PlaYce: a real solution to the critical challenge of accompanying Africa’s emerging middle class in their new consumption patterns!”


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